The twin sisters of Blanche Petite and Chloe Petite.

Early LifeEdit

Born and bred in Grasmere Valley, these two twins are comprised of Blanche Petite and Chloe Petite. They make themselves distinctive by their clothing with Chloe being dressed in Pink and Blanche being dressed in blue. With their parents moving out of Grasmere Valley for business reasons, for a young age the girls lived by themselves in the town. The girls attend school but also show their flare in other matters as they are good chefs who often sell cookies and also hotel workers at the hotel which Anthony is in charge.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

Both Chloe and Blanche are at the hotel working when the impromptu wedding reception of Yasmin and Johan turn up to the hotel. Unlike Clara Rosebell and Stephanie Rosebell who had gone to the wedding leaving Anthony Hall, their boss, to do the work at the hotel, these two stayed and helped their boss.

Volume 3 Edit

The two both sue Detective Stall with his false arrest on two occasions as bot h times he believed that they were cooking cookies for an underground gang.

Volume 7 Edit

By then the girls had reached Sixth Form with Chloe becoming head girl of the school.

Volume 8 Edit

Chloe and Blanche are at the meeting to discuss the visit of Mr Gardiner and Julie who have just won the election and whether or not they should be allowed to visit due to the pair's checked history with Grasmere Valley. Blanche is waiting for her sister while Chloe as head girl has to chair the meeting. She does her best to stop Jake Petri, the head boy, who wants the pair to come to the school for the visit to happen but is powerless in doing so with Jake overruling everyone. This would be the backdrop to Jake Petri school massacre where he would girl Alisha Baucham and attempt to kill Scott Petri, his brother and Jennie Wier, his girlfriend.

Volume 17 Edit

Both Blanche and Chloe go to Mariath Le Briosse house to try and extract money from the wealthy cranky recluse in order to get money for the town for all of its repairs and to solve their financial crisis.