The Machiavellian politician and after failed attempts to become Prime Minister or Mayor, she manages to become one due to the shock snap election results of Volume 27.

Early LifeEdit

Born in Oxford to the Crab, family, Tessa was the eldest out of four siblings, the others being Toby Crab, Iain Crab and Kristina Perez. Tessa from a young age was a control freak, always wanting power, to boss people about and use them to her own ends. Perfect qualities for someone desperate to be Prime Minister! Tessa soon finishing school decides to run for local government in Oxford before moving to Westminster where she perceived the action was happening.

Known to be cut throat her reputation of being driven and to achieve power at any cost became known. She participated in the first season of The Job and she was even in the final along with Roger Davis, a man who during the process she became romantically entangled with and Jeffrey Carpenter. She ended up third with Jeffrey Carpenter winning the show, but having tasted power, making a rather lasting impression as the most memorable contestant in the shows history and rubbing shoulders with the Dontos family, this only provided fuel to her political ambitions.

Having dumped Roger which she had mainly used for her own ends on the show for a brief moment she even adopted a black teenage daughter, naming her Teresa Crab, however getting bored of looking after her she soon dumped her off at an orphanage and continued on with her pursuit for power.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 7 Edit

Tessa moves to Grasmere Valley from Volume 7 making a splash immediately in the political sphere now she is in the heart of political power in England as she is now in Grasmere Valley

Volume 8 Edit

She tries to run for Prime Minister with the Radical Party and Harvey Dontos as vice Prime Minister. However when Harvey understands that Tessa is manipulating him by pretending to be in love with him he quits and Tessa is forced to have Isaac to run with her as the vice Prime Minister. Due to her harsh treatment of Harvey, Harper Dontos appealed by her behaviour vows to ruin Tessa and Isaac's campaign opportunity which she manages to do when just before a key address, she is drugged as is Isaac and placed in hospital missing her big speech which could have got them the vote.She loses to Mr Gardiner and Julie much to everyone shock.

Volume 10 Edit

She again runs for Prime Minister after Michael Novak is arrested for the great fire but loses again to Mr Logan. The election is rather a quiet affair unlike previous elections. However it is now revealed that Tessa Crab is now married to Isaac.

Volume 14 Edit

When her brother Iain and his wife Ellen Crab welcome Malcolm Crab into the world at the hospital in Grasmere Valley,Tessa came to the birth. However she demanded that the baby be named after her despite the baby being a boy due to the fact she saw him as carrying her political mantel. Thankfully the parents did not decide to take up on her advice.

Volume 15 Edit

When Sam Bishop became the Prime Minister again after Mr Logan is arrested for his involvement in the attempted murder of Nia Mabel, she becomes vice Prime Minister.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley and the Death of Daisy Edit

Volume 24 Edit

She is also desperate to have James Dontos job when he is gravely ill and she hopes to get the job of Mayor that he occupies. She tries to bribe an old flame of hers Roger Davies to obstruct any efforts to find a medical cure for James. She even tries to promise him a renewal of their relationship but he refuses.

James Dontos death is announced by his son Ivan Dontos, this causes for Tessa who is rather gleeful about the whole situation, races to the town hall with her sister Kristina and husband Isaac. Kristina who had been a secretary for James Dontos and known how to fake his signatures goes to the town hall while the entire town not wanting Tessa to go in power goes after them. She is forced by Tessa to forge James's signature on a document saying that in the event of his death James wanted Tessa Crab to become Mayor. However this doesn't work when it turns out James is still alive and they announced his death just get the crowd away from the house which many had gathered round so that Jason Harrow could provide him with the cure.

Volume 26 Edit

Isaac Crab ended up going with the cult the Fifth Way led by Brother Ezekiel. When a rescue mission is decided upon after Lois Star runs away from the cult and reveals what is happening. She is not bothered at all what happened to her husband and even when her husband ends up taking his life during the mass suicide after the cult is seized upon by those in Grasmere Valley she shows little care.

Volume 27 Edit

Tessa's mourning for her husband until Pauline, rumuored to have had a relationship with Isaac, trying to hold the government account for what happened to Isaac that Tessa claims she mourns for her husband death and demands another election. With the snap election Tessa Crab manages to win the election much to Sam Bishop's shock.

Volume 28 Edit

With her takeover the entire town are in shock and soon the likes of Nigel Crump views her as an enemy of Christians. During her reign thus far already Christians have end up being banned from the University of Grasmere Valley. Since her taking power Christians have been seeing so much more discrimination than they had beforehand.

Volume 30 Edit

She is among those in charge of planning the celebration for the Thousand Years of Grasmere Valley's founding. However the event which was to be celebrated by a picnic in a park and fireworks nearly ends in disaster much to Tessa dismay!

Volume 32 Edit

She is among those appalled at Mrs Campbell's presence in the town and the havoc that her presence had caused. She had become such a nuisance that Tessa was calling other nations for help as it seemed Mrds Campbell's presence was becoming a national and even an international situation.

Volume 33 Edit

Kristina gives her news that her opinions polls were at its lowest. It is so low that the convicted murderer Ryan Decony according to polls had more popularity than Tessa Crab and more of a chance to win the next election. When her Vice Prime Minister Tristan Truenoe and his wife Hailee Truenoe come in and say in passing she needed a crisis to get her opinion polls up, she decided to invent a crisis of her own just to get her ratings up by sorting the situation. When Gail Blazer comes in with the news of the hostage situation in the Midwoodcote business complex Tessa is seen rejoicing as she has the crisis much to everyone's horror. Knowing British law that a election can't be called during war time she vows to use the situation to blame many countries of the attack and plunge the country into war just so she can maintain power and come out victorious at the end of it!

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Comics Edit

In the comics she had an affair to an unknowing Chris Marquis however she managed to save her marriage to Isaac.

The Devon Show Edit