An avid Tennis Player married to Nick Daco and daughter of Jerri Butcher and sister of Sam Butcher

Early LifeEdit

Born and bred in Grasmere Valley she never really knew her father who left after her younger son's birth. The two are looked after by their rather controlling mother who wanted both her children to be sports stars, being the ultimate soccer mother interfering in their lives. While Sam became rather good at football although his heart was really in being a vet, Sarah ended up becoming a tennis player who becomes very successful. Jerri micro manages Sarah's entire career who used to be a tennis player herself.

Erin Chambers become Sarah's coach but due to Jerri always wanting to interfere with her training believing that she knew the best she would often fire Erin, but Sarah would hire her back and Erin's coming and going was rather frequent and depending on her controlling mother's mood.

Sarah a devout Christian,was involved with Nick Daco who appeared to be a strong Christian as well. However tempted by fame and a life full of pleasure and having had enough of the town, Sarah and Christianity, he harshly dumps Sarah who is left devastated by such a thing and leaves his faith and the town in pursuit of fame and seeking pleasure. Jerri and Sam were just as heart broken by this as she was.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

She, her mother her brother Sam Butcher are listed among those who are citizens of Grasmere Valley.

Volume 2 Edit

Sarah is among those in the dancing competition for the 24 Hours dance competition. She was partnered up with Ted Fed and the competition was which partner could stay dancing together without letting go of hands for the longest. Ted Fed and Sarah are disqualified when Ted Fed lets go off Sarah's hands so she can go to the toilet. The winner ends up being Johan and Yasmin.

Volume 3 Edit

Sarah was among those at the Woman's Bible Study in the Church in Tier which really is just an excuse for some of the ladies to gossip. Involved with the 'Bible Study' was Mrs Slankovich, Janae, Ms Izodel, Pamela Thornton, Gypsie from Pakipsy, Myelin, Ms Dragon, Sam Jones, Julie, Veronica and Sue Latterbin. In this tale Sue comes to the Bible study and ends up hearing erroneous gossip about her husband Grant Latterbin who is much slimmer than Sue. They all claimed that he had an affair and will leave Sue. She is devastated and ran out of the church to go to the park. Whilst there Grant appears an reassures her how much he loves her and how faithful he was. Soon enough she gleefully comes back to the 'Bible Study' and declares to them all that she was pregnant.

Jerri Butcher ends up leaving Grasmere Valley after an argument with Sarah over her tennis management with and Erin Chambers who was also coaching Sarah.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley at Summer Edit

Sarah is seen during the cruise which the whole town go on doing areobics to loose some weight along with Ms Izodel, Britney Wales and Sarah as they are led by Brenda Bridge. When they think the cruise ship is about to sink she sings My Heart Will Go On, on loop and out of tune. Thankfully the cruise doesn't end up drowning.

Volume 5 Edit

When Zusanna Forster's ends up flooding the entire town, the water goes as far as up to Sarah's house.

Volume 23 Edit

Sarah's ex who used to date her before he became a big star and rejected his faith, the town and her, returns to Grasmere Valley after his plane stops working and they are forced to be stranded in the town that he hated while waiting for it to be repaired. Sarah is stunned at his return as those who had lived in Grasmere Valley for ages. Sam Butcher and Jerri Butcher both cannot stand Nick and makes sure they give a piece of their mind to him.

Nick however seems to have a change of heart as he seems to rethink everything that he had done especially after talking to Kevin Davis, the new pastor. He soon returns to the faith he had rejected and upon Sarah performing in a play he declares his love for her. Even with Sam and Jerri's disapproval of Nick, he begs Sarah for forgiveness and gets it.

Volume 27 Edit

Sarah and Nick finally get married!

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Comics Edit

Wimbledon #23 Edit

#23 Tale of Sarah Butcher Edit

Gregory Salt who has just won his next round to Wimbledon is still gloating about this fact despite it being dark. Sarah is in sad mood as are her brother Sam Butcher and mother Jerri Butcher as she managed to be knocked out. Feeling over confident, Gregory challenges Sarah to a game and manages to lose. So humiliated by the loss he quit the tournament altogether.