Queen of Whadosia and sister of Princess Cadenza.

Early Life Edit

Queen Constance was born in Whadosia a land ruled by her king father. However she moved to Grasmere Valley at a very young age on her father's request so her father could rule with ease, although Constance younger sister Cadenza would remain with her father for many years. When her father passed away, being the next line to the Whadosia throne she refused to leave Grasmere Valley to occupy it saying she was a citizen of Grasmere. She was however therefore allowed to rule Whadosia from a far distance in Grasmere. She ended up being affectionately by all the people as ‘the Queen of Grasmere Valley’.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Novels Edit

Volume 1 Edit

She runs away from Mephiboseth and Ezikiel who are trying to find her. She believes it is so that they will drag her to King Eglon so that she is forced into a marriage with the fat ogre. Soon they try to chase her down and even Grieog, the bell boy from the hotel does his best trying to defend her. The chase causes great commotion in the Hotel with the likes of Mr Gerrow. In the end the two catch up with Queen Constance and she fears the worst is about to happen and that she would be forced to a marriage with King Eglon. In reality however the mercenaries where hired by King Fufu wanting her to go with him to Africa. She accepts the mission and decides to take Grieog a man who she has gotten close with during the adventure with her.

Volume 2 Edit

Queen Constance along with Grieog and King Fufu return from their trip with a major party at the Town Hall. However a major commotion takes place when the cake made for the occasion is stolen by the infamous cake thief Marvelle.

Volume 11 Edit