An old lady who is prone to anxiety attacks and a nervous disposition she is a nuisance to the town.

Early LifeEdit

Her husband ran out on her just before he was killed in a car crash and has four children which she lived with Louisa Parry. 

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

She is at attendance for the wedding of Johan and Yasmin when one of Farmer Roger's goats that were at the wedding stole the wedding ring. The panic stricken Mrs Parry along with Ted Fed end up jumping on the horse with Farmer Roger and manage to track down the goat who took the ring.

Volume 2 Edit

Volume 3 Edit

Mrs Parry ended up having a makeover done for her. Upon returning home to her daughter Louisa who is chatting with her best friend Barbara Craig, Louisa is so horrified what has happened to Mrs Parry who has had rainbow coloured hair and other hideous things, that she faints and Barbara has to call in Dr Nathan Jones to help Louisa.

Volume 5 Edit

She gets arrested after shooting John Strawberry disguised as Knatman although she was aiming at Rick Barchez. As a result she is put in prison.

Volume 33 Edit

She is among those attending Marianna Carpenter's birthday party in the Midwoodcote Business Block when it is taken over by terrorists such as Zeba, Robin Cross, Miss Chalis This causes Mrs Parry great panic. Eventually she managed to be freed along with everyone else who were terrorised in the business block by them.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Comics Edit