She is the wife of Mr Ambrose, an elder and she is the best friends with Daisy and Janet Herman and also works as a hairdresser with the other two. She is the youngest of the three.

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The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

Daisy, Mrs Ambrose and Janet Herman are working at the hair dressers in the first ever tale. Julie and Julia comes to the hairdresser and begin to spill the beans about the new pastor Gary Robinson who they say is a communist, having affairs and is very liberal which Julie loves. Daisy is outraged by this and knowing about the picnic in the park to introduce the new pastor, Daisy plans and ends up picketing the picnic. Mrs Ambrose and Janet Herman do not act over the top upon hearing the information and they try to stop Daisy at the picnic. In the end it is revealed that Gary is anything but all the things Julie said which she says she got her information for Ms Izodel.

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