A Basketball player and son of Nathan Jones and Liz Jones and brother of Sam Jones.

Early LifeEdit

Born and raised in Grasmere Valley, he loves his family and is especially devoted to his dad. He makes his family very proud as from a young age he is gifted with playing basketball and soon enough while still in school he manages to dive into the world of professional basketball.

As well as this however he also has ambitions to follow in his father's steps and become a doctor later down the line and so much so he follows his dad often in the holidays to see how he perform his job.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

He is among those who are listed as citizens of Grasmere Valley from Volume 1.

Volume 6 Edit

He ends up helping his father deliver Yasmin and Johan's baby, Rohan into the world. After Nathan fires the lazy uselss doctor in training Ladonna Palmer, Michael helps his father under such chaotic circumstances to deoliver a baby. Michael managing to help out his father indicated the skill that he had to one day take his father's place as the family doctor.

Volume 13 Edit

A few years before Ryan Decony was on trial for the murder of his wife Sandra Decony, Michael along with his mother Liz and Nathan were on hand to deliver Ryan's love child Lexi Lexington with Sarah Lexington. Ryan was not present for the birth but came back just after proposing to Sandra. This causes a fight between Sarah and Ryan but they still carried on their affair. Michael in particular is livid by this and nearly refuses to hand the child back to such despicable parents but Liz says that they needed to which they do. It seems though the three forget the entire instance as when Ryan returns a few years later to live with Sandra and then the murder trial happens, they don't realise he was the same man having the double life with Sarah.

Volume 39 Edit

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Comics Edit