She was the wife of the new pastor Gary Robinson and later along with her husband became involved with the Fifth Way Cult. She was among those who had committed suicide in the mass suicide of the Fifth Way Cult.

Early LifeEdit

Meg was born in Southshields to a lovely family. As a only child her mother doted on her and taught her how to cook. As a result of her mother's sacrifice she went to Le Cordon Bleu to study being a chef which she ends up becoming. Whilst in France she saw Gary Robinson who was now a pastor and attending a Bible Conference there. Despite being 9 years older than him the two became an item and soon got married back in England. The two always longed to have children but sadly Meg turned out to be infertile.

When hearing that Jeffry King had passed away in the church Gracefield and they were looking for a new pastor, Harvey Robinson encouraged Gary and Meg to come down and Gary accepted the job there taking his little brother Adam Robinson and Meg with him.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

She comes in along with her husband and his brother Adam Robinson who is the new pastor of the church in Gracefield and move into the Robinson household where Gary's distant relatives Harvey Robinson, Elle Robinson and Ed Robinson. Due to rumors flying around from Ms Izodel, Julie and Julia she is seen as having an affair with Gary and is accused of being a mistress of his by Daisy. The truth is revealed at the annual picnic where Gary does his first address as a pastor and Meg and Gary's true relationship is revealed to the town much to Daisy embarrassment.

Volume 9 Edit

In Volume 9 when the New Pilgrims come to live in Grasmere Valley her live as was her husband's were almost taken as the mob from the New Pilgrims attempted to throw the pair off the cliff in Largas with Assize Tsare leading the gang.

Volume 12 Edit

In Volume 12 she was accused of having an affair with Harvey Staddon. This turned out to be false but regardless she and Harvey were harassed and even placed in jail by Charlene Moray.

Volume 21 Edit

In Volume 21 Meg's husband is removed from his pastor position due to his life of forcing his girlfriend to have an abortion before he was a christian or even met Meg was revealed to the town. This left for Tim Drixall to take over as pastor. When his own scandals were revealed with the help of Adam Robinson, Meg's brother-in-law, Gary was offered to return as pastor but not wanting any more to do with Grasmere Valley he as did his wife promptly left.

Volume 26 Edit

In Volume 26 they return to Grasmere Valley with the cult the Fifth Way which is led by Brother Ezekiel. Gary who is renamed Archibald and Meg who is now known as Una have renounced the Christian faith and are leaders in the movement encouraging the town to leave everything and join the cult. There are those in the town who join such as Eric Fuelgate, Bob Grempy, Chester with the Chest from Chichester, Flopsy, Isaac Crab and so forth. However when those from Grasmere Valley come to the compound to try and rescue them, chaos erupts and Brother Ezekiel gets the members to commit mass suicide as a part of their belief of ushering in the Sixth Way. Meg was one of those who drank the cup and committed suicide with her husband holding her dying body as the poison took effect. Gary is eventually put in prison as being the only senior member of the leadership team of the Fifth Way alive he is held responsible for their deaths.

Soon afterwards it is revealed the two had adopted a son Charley Robinson who was at the time staying with Adam Robinson at a Christian camp and is now in the custody of Adam.

The Tale of Grasmere Valley Comics Edit

#12-13, 15 My Heart Will Go On Edit

#12 Tale of Anne Debris Edit

Meg is seen on the street corner as Anne Debris, Clara Rose and Debbie Prescot walking and talking. She is selling the food that she cooked as a chef.

#15 Tale of Sean Debris Edit

Meg is seen at the camp in Romsey helping out in cooking department and serving the kids going to the Christian camp.

#75, 77 Election Edit

#77 Tale of Election Day Edit

Meg Robinson is seen in the church office with her husband and Carrie Chung who is looking in social media to see all the response about the election. Meg and Gary were just sorting out a romantic getaway in Scotland.

#85 Ready Steady Bake Edit

#85 Tale of Marissa Scott Edit

Meg is in the contest when they had their celebrity bake off in Grasmere Valley with all the famous bakers. Among those copetiting with Meg was Lance Luciano, Rae Rae Chin, Cindy Truger, Trudy Truger. Meg ends up winning the competiton much to Marissa shock, beliving the competition was fixed.

The Devon Show Edit

Season 1 Edit

Episode 18 Oh No He Didn't Edit

Meg Robinson first appears at the wedding renewal vows of Eric Gladiville and his wife Gladice Galdville which are conducted by her husband. During this episode David Braxton ends up being adopted by the Gladville's after his parents Richard Braxton and Vicki Braxton, David's famous celebrity parents turn up to the wedding claiming to be the best parents ever even though they had used and neglected David Braxton so much so he ran away from home.

Season 2 Edit

Episode 2 Bigotry Coming to Town Edit

The town has to deal with scrutiny when a famous television political talk show host descends on Grasmere Valley to expose in his opinion just how backward the town was. Among those in the line of fire in his hit piece was Gary Robinson and his wife Meg. In the end however his biased towards the town is exposed.

Episode 5 Trick or Truth Edit

Devon goes to Gary Robinson house were Meg is also there to do a Bible study while the infamous date of Halloween pases by and after his cries not to booby trap the house by Nanny Prescot goes unnoticed. Later on after catasrophe strikes at Nanny Prescot's house the gang go over to Gary and Meg's house and join the Bible Study talk of the reformation and how to evanglise.

Episode 13 And the Award Goes to... Edit

Meg is among those in the audience when Nanny Prescot gets an award for her contribution in society.

Episode 14 Light of the World Edit

Meg turns up to Keli Curtis Light Party that she puts on for the church to go to. Nanny Prescot was reluctant to go to it as she saw it as party meerily so that Keli could look good in church. She ends up going in the end being comforted by Keli and Gary.

Episode 18 As Easter Comes Edit

Meg is there as she witnesses her husband baptise Nancy Forster, Harvey Dontos, Eric Gladville, Matthew Pratt and Abdul McGray on Easter Sunday.

Season 3 Edit

Episode 4 A Woman's View Edit

Gary Robinson ends up being called on Loose Women's View by Nanny Prescot who joins the panel along with Cybil ‘Mother’ Platton, Francis Francine Franny, Nancy Raven and Shaquna Lama. He is called to talk about his view on the story that no one is calling their children Gary since the 1990's. However as he does so Francis Francine Franny known to be rude, vindictative and bossy starts making jokes about how fat his wife, Meg is. Meg who is in the studio herself is distraught and Gary has none of it. Soon the show collapses with Nanny Prescot leaving the show mid taping as do Cybil and Shaquna.

Episode 15 The Wedding Show Edit

Meg and Gary are among those in attedance while Nanny prescot decides to hold a wedding show were married couples would come and show off their wedding videos to see who had the best wedding. Meg and Gary do not take part in the show but the winners end up being Damian Burchens and Ruth Burchens.

Episode 16 That Don't Impress Aunt Carol Much Edit

Meg and Gary are enlisted by Damian and Nanny Prescot to help break it to Aunt Carol who turns up tio visit Damian that he is in fact a family Christian man and has left his homosexual lifestyle. She is not convinced and attempts to seduce him with Billy Santiamo ex, Malcolm- Seth Banjo. However this fails and at the end she now believes that Damian could be bi-sexual, still not sure convinced his life has been changed.

Episode 17 What Does Christmas Mean? Part 1 Edit

Gary is organising a Christmas dance which Meg is helping along with however there are many of those in the conjugation who are wondering what Christmas really means with all the tragedies that have happened.

This is the last episode that Meg physically appears in.

Episode 18 What Does Christmas Mean? Part 2 Edit

Gary who is not seen in this episode is fired from his position soon after his past of assaulting an ex-girlfriend and forcing her to have an abortion is revealed to the church. Meg is understanblyy impacted by the decision. For the full story see Volume 21.

Season 4 Edit

Episode 1 Vaccancy Edit

There is now a new pastor in the church, Kevin Davis who has now taken over the church in Gracefield after Gary was fired, Tim Drixall made a hash out of it and Gary refused to return to be there pastor thereby leaving the town along with his wife planning to never return.

Episode 18 Fear of the Unknown Edit

Nanny Prescot and the gang are at camp when they here news on the radio of the Fifth Way Cult stand of with Jack Jackson and Del. Adam Robinson is also at the camp as he is personally looking after Charley Robinson who turns out to be Gary and Meg's adopted son. Nanny Presccot and the others are desperate to know what is happening and in between Brexit reports on the radio they find out that Gary and Meg are among those leading the Fifth Way Cult. The episodes ends with the gang rushing to Grasmere Valley and ask Daisy what had happened.

Season 5 Edit

Episode 1 Wake Edit

The truth about what had happened is revealed to them and the devastation that happened. Among those whose life was ended by their own hand during the mass suicide of the Fifth Way Cult was Meg. Her husband Gary just managed to survive.

Legacy Edit

Due to what had happened with the Fifth Way Cult suicide, her husband Gary who survived was arrested and placed in prison for life for his part of the cult and is currently held in Grasmere Valley Prison. Adam manages just about to get custody of their adopted son Charley.

Due to the mishandling of the situation of the cult Del, the policeman is fired, and there is a snap election for the Prime Minister job and Mayor job after it was deemed Sam Bishop and James Dontos were unfit for their roles. James Dontos who was up against Michelle Novak for the Mayor job managed to remain in power but much to everyone's shock Tessa Crab the challenger of Sam Bishop beat him to become Prime Minister much to the horror of many in the town.