The former lover of Mildred Hymes and evil show men.

Early LifeEdit

Born to a loving family in Grasmere Valley and the eldest of four children, Master Lodger stuck around town when the others had moved to Purley as he had begun to be heavily invested in the rock music scene and also helping out at the church in Tier. Despite this he was anything but Christian with his life showing him up to being just a hypocrite. It didn't help that the church he was attending was more obsessed with drawing in a crowd as opposed to preaching from God's word. Whilst at this church he formed a band with Marvin King III and Ivan.

He also ended up working in a circus as a showman known for his cruelty virtually everyone in the circus.

He began to embark on a relationship with Mildred Hymes at this point, the submissive, quiet easily led woman who was often mistreated and on occasions abused by Master Lodger himself.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

He is among those listed as the citizens of Grasmere Valley in the first volume living at the time with Mildred.

Volume 3 Edit

When Henirich Boss, takes over from the church in Tier to put on his healing tent revivals, Master Lodger as are Ivan and MK II are there to assist him in all that he does. They even kidnap Lee Xing-Jung and Lexia Xing-Jung, two South Korean tourists as part of Henirch revival as he forced them to lie and say that Henirich managed to heal them in order try and coax the audience into giving money so they could receive their miracle too. They all ended being found out to be frauds and kidnappers with the help of Del. Although Henirich managed to be put in jail, amazingly Master Lodger , Ivan and MK III were spared despite there role in the kidnapping.

Tales of Grasmere Valley at Christmas 2 Edit

The three, Master Lodger, Ivan and MK III are under the influence of Isaiah who has recruited them as his henchmen. When Regina breaks up with Isaiah via Facebook, Isaiah is enraged and wanting to have her killed, he along with the three are seen on Christmas Eve chasing after Regina. They failed spectacular and this time they all managed to be thrown into prison.

Master Lodger's relationship with Mildred soon enough ends with her having enough courage to no longer be with Master Lodger.