The former town womaniser before he became a Christian and got married to Carry Parker.

Early LifeEdit

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The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

Volume 2 Edit

When the 24 Hour Dance Marathon comes to town Larry Lothario ends up dancing with Roberta Hubris in order to win. Roberta being well known for her dancing ability she had won the annual 24 Hour dance marathon in previous years! They end up facing fellow dancer and her arch rival is Mildred who is paired with her husband Philip. Roberta chooses Larry thinking that his wandering hands would help her win the title yet again as the rules are if the partners let go they are eliminated. Despite the feud both sets of couples ended up losing the competition to Johan and Yasmin.

Volume 3 Edit

He is seen in the grocery store with Rochelle who at that time are dating. Larry ends up embarrassing himself as during a fight with Del the entire toilet paper in the isle collapse and fell all on top of Larry.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley at Christmas 2 Edit

He can’t make it back to Grasmere Valley from Elysian Fields, after he brought some presents and during this as he walks home with Nanny Prescot and ends up being chased by Isaiah and his gang he repents and puts his trust in Jesus. At Christmas he finds out that his real mother was Christina Rosa and that he is love with Carry Parker. And as a result Larry married Carry on Christmas day and soon allows for Christina to move in with him. As well Larry in order to indicate a change in heart he changes his name from Lothario to Parker.

Volume 9 Edit

Carry Parker ends up missing due to the Great Fire. Larry is despondent and believes that Carry has passed away and is in fact dead. He grieves for her genuinely and many are surprised that this man once known to flirt with any lady that moved, felt so deeply for his wife. However Carry is very much alive as she is among those who hid in Elysian Fields after the fire. She along with the others make a dramatic return to Grasmere Valley on a boat to the shore of Largas just when the New Pilgrims attempt to throw Gary Robinson over the cliff. When Larry realises his wife is back he is overjoyed by the news.

Volume 10 Edit

When Abigail is chatted up by Adam Genesis, Larry remembering his former days when he would do the same to the ladies, ends up brawling with Adam as he views such behaviour with a lady so innocent as Abigail was inappropriate. She had been dancing with Ted Fed previously which may be rumours as to them maybe getting their relationship. Unfortunately soon Adam and Abigail are murdered and Larry Lothario and Ted Fed are accused of being the Mafias who took them down. Even Carry Parker, Larry's wife does not trust him and suspect he is bag to his womansing old ways and holds him responsible for her death. Both Larry and Ted are put to death for this act even though the two are innocent. However it is soon revealed that they are only playing a game called Mafia and that everyone is still alive.

Volume 22 Edit

It is soon revealed that Carry and Larry are having their first child together during their holiday with the entire town at the Water Park in Shally Town.

Volume 23 Edit

The couple welcome a daughter Cana Parker in Volume 23.

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