The greedy fat King who ruled over Eglon in Grasmere Valley.

Early LifeEdit

Born in the desert in Israel as part of the Eglon tribe, claiming to be king, he ventured to Grasmere Valley and managed to claim a section of the land and label it Eglon. There he was the self-proclaimed king and begun to drain the resources of the entire town to found his 'palace' and kingdom. Many fear and loathe him mainly due to his despotic ways but also his lavish living. He is also a very,very,very,very fat man who had an obsession with food.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

Word is out that King Eglon wants to marry Queen Constance. She hid away from him and when she was getting found by Mephiboseth and Ezikiel she fought they were trying to force her to get married to King Eglon. It turns out that they had come under orders of King Fufu to ask her to escort him to a trip to Africa.

Volume 11 Edit

King Eglon in his own story in Volume 11 attempts to get married to Pure Princess Pertunia after discovering her in a royal princesses bride magazine. He throws the wedding depite not even haviing heard whether she had accepted. The event is a lavish occassion filled with very over the top things such as elephants and humans pulling the carraige as opposed to horses. The wedding conducted by Edward Parker doesn't actually happen as she never arrives. Despite this he subjects everyone to the event and even insists on the entire congregation circiling around the whole of Eglon 7 times to wait for her. After this he insists on a reception which was a week long celebration of a marriage that never happened. He even went on the honeymoon which was a round the world trip with his servant/slave Ehud as opposed to the bride that never turned up. When he arrives back he receives the letter from Pure Princess Pertunia refusing to have anything to do with the fat kin. He is offended and wants her dead but after Ehud has enough of his bossy ways and leaves him he falls to the floor and cannot pick himself up.

Due to his lavish and excessive lifestyle he had managed to drag the area of Eglon which was named after him into a deep recession which affected the economy of Grasmere Valley. However when his body is discovered by TJ and this is announced to the entire town who were having an emergency budget meeting at the town hall they all race to his house to blackmail him into forking over his entire wealth and assessts to pay for the debt in return that they would get him to a hospital.

Volume 15 Edit

King Eglon dies due to his gigantic size and unhealty lifestyle.