Was the joint Vice Prime Mnister with Hal Grant. He is rather active and eccentric and during the election he leads the Indifferent Party as the Prime Minister candidate.

Early LifeEdit

Born in London, he grew up wanting to get involved in politics and soon enough is a key figure in Westmiinster. He begins to have a relationship with Zoe Swansfield and it seemed that the relationship was somewhat serious.However Zoe ends up leaving Joshua to date and get married to Peter Swansfield who was at this time in politics before moving to become a lawyer.

Joshua needing to move dove into his work in politics and soon with the winning election of Sam Bishop, he along with Hal Grant are chosen to be Vice Prime Minister of the entire country and he moved to Grasmere Valley in order to live.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

Living in Grasmere Valley and being tone of the two Vice Prime Minister, he is among the citizens of Grasmere Valley from Volume 1.

Volume 6 Edit

Joshua is in the town hall discussing with Sam Bishop when Rachel Red comes in wanting her husband murder to be solved and sadly ends up herself falling out of the window to her death.

Volume 8 Edit

Joshua and Hal after Sam Bishop is forced to resign to save the town from an attack by the US President at the time Michael Novak, decides to run to be Prime Minister for The Indifferent Party with Hal being the Vice Prime Minister. They up against The Reserve party with Ken Kennedy as Prime Minister and Edward Middleton as Vice Prime Minister and for The Radical Party with Tessa Crab running as Prime Minister and first Harvey Dontos and then Isaac for Vice Prime Minister. Much to everyones shock the winner is in fact two people that they didn't know was running; Mr Gardiner as Prime Minister and Julie as Vice Prime Minister.

Behind their appointment is the hand of Michael Novak who wanted to use them to create an excuse to annihlate the town. After the school massacre committed by Jake Petri and conducted by Mr Gardiner and Julie, this becomes the perfect excuse for Michael to try and destroy the town and he thereby tries with Franco Fabregas to burn the town down Joshua ends up going missing as do Mr Gardiner and Julie whereas Hal saddly passed away during the fire.

Volume 9 Edit

Joshua is among those who had escaped during the Great Fire and was seen as missing, return to Grasmere Valley on shore of Largas just when Gary Robinson is about to be thrown off the cliff by some of the New Pilgrims.