He is the loving Mayor as well as a family man two his six children and his wife.

He is also instrumental in destroying the Grasmere’s plan and is one of the most much love characters.

Early LifeEdit

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The Tales of Grasmere Valley Novels Edit

Volume 1 Edit

He was devastated by his son, Harvey Dontos relationship with Vera ending in tears due to her attempting to kill Harvey. However he is soon overwhelmed when his son repents and becomes a Christian.

Volume 5 Edit

Volume 8 Edit

The Tales of Grasmere Valley and the Death of Daisy Edit

Volume 24 Edit

Volume 26 Edit

Volume 27 Edit

Volume 39 Edit

Volume 40 Edit

He and Anne are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and have invited the entire town to celebrate their long lasting marriage at the town hall. Nearly the entire town turns up and sit on desk assigned to each of their personality hoping those on the table will get on well with each other.

Volume 41 Edit

Volume 45 Edit

James Dontos is proceeding over the Town Hall meeting with Catherine Lorna, Mariah Hawkins and James Dontos II when Mother Morland says her mansion has been robbed and her daughter-in-law Sarah Morland was attacked. James and the others try to help her, but Mother Morland insisted that the town had not helped them and turned their back on them. The Morlands a very well connected family as result decide to use their connections to fore everyone out of town and change the town for ever as punishment. James can't believe this and thinks Catherine the Prime Minister would stop this but she is too afraid to do so.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Comics Edit

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