The happily married man to Tracy Etheridge and father of Candice Etheridge and Jack Etheridge Jr.

Early LifeEdit

Born and bred in Grasmere Valley, this guy who is known to many to have very low intelligence began dating the intelligent sweet kindhearted Tracy Etheridge before they were 6. These childhood friends grew up together but when they were eighteen they managed to break up much to the town's shock. Tracy went to University in Cambridge while Jack stayed in Grasmere Valley working at the gas station with Judo. As he did he ended up having a brief relationship with Pam Armani but this did not work out.

When Tracy had finished uni she comes back and ends up working in the post office. Jack and Tracy rekindle their relationship and end up getting married much to the town's delight. The two end up having two children Candice Etheridge and Jack Etheridge Jr. Jack is well liked in the town as he is most of the time happy, faithful and loving to his wife and is a good friend to the likes of Jason Phoenix and Terrance De Maieo.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

Jason has just been awarded an honorary medal for bravery during his tour as a soldier in Iraq. Jack went along with him to the ceremony as he is just as proud of his friend. However as they return Jason's house is occupied by pacifists with his ex-girlfriend Gypsie from Pakipse leading the charge. Jason stays over at Jack's house while they think of an idea to get the protesters to move out of Jason's home. Due to the lack of intelligence this takes a considerable time but they eventually have a plan involving the vet Birdie giving them rats to invest the house.This runs away all the protesters but they have now new occupants to try and get rid off; the rats!

Volume 2 Edit

Jack is working at the gas station when John Strawberry car is broken down along with Carry Parker. John is supposed to be going to space but in actual facts he has skipped out on the mission to use it as a cover to marry Carry Parker and get away from Louisa Parry who is desperately in love with John. Jack along with those in the gas station are among those who have more proof that John was not really going to space at all.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Comics Edit

#19-21, 25-26 World Cup Edit

#25 Tale of Ronny Badeo Edit

Jack is also good friends with Granny About to Die as he is seen round her house frequently mainly to watch the World Cup in 2014 happening in Brazil. He is watching the game that Brazil dramatically lost with Granny About to Die saying they did worse than England had done.

#26 Tale of Debby Laddy Edit

He is also present at Granny About To Die's house when everyone who had fallen out of the plane that was about to crash landed miraculously in Granny About to Die's house.