The son of the mayor James Dontos and Anne Dontos one of six children. Brother of James Dontos II, Ivan Dontos, Merry Dontos, Kristina Dontos and Harper Dontos. He nearly married Vera Cullingham and was briefly the Vice Prime Minister Candidate for the Radical Party in the general elections in Volume 8.

Early LifeEdit

The second older brother of the Dontos children, he grew up being the prestigious political family of the Dontos and managed to have a great relationship with his father and mother. He soon manages to get into business from a young age and seems to be doing rather well. Many saw him as confident and having the ability to be a ruthless, shrew business man. However it seems that Harvey had emotional issues and weaknesses which would be preyed upon by certain ladies.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

His weak and easily manipulated nature is fully exposed when he begins to have a relationship with the much older and four times widowed Vera Cullingham during the reception of Johan and Yasmin's wedding. They soon announce their engagement much to the shock of the family and the entire town for that matter. His mother Anne discovers that she is a black widow having killed her four other husbands for their money and is attempting to kill him. Anne brings Del into arrest her and Harvey initially does not believe this however with Del summoning up what Vera did and her eventually admitting it Harvey is heartbroken and Vera is arrested. He is deeply saddened by the news and as a results, spend some time with his dad to do some fishing while James gave him some sound advise and the Gospel message. James and Anne are delighted when Harvey had repented of sin, put his faith in Christ and becomes a changed man as a result, almost immediately wanting to tell others about Christ.

Volume 8 Edit

Despite his new found faith, he ends up becoming romantically entangled with the ambitious Tessa Crab and even runs as her Vice Prime Minister. However it is soon revealed that Harvey is thrown off the campaign by Tessa Crab who dumps as she saw him as being useless to him and ends up taking Isaac as her Vice Prime Minister who ends up marrying her.

With the loss of yet another girlfriend the Dontos want to exact revenge and with Harper Dontos leading the way they manage to dose Isaac and Tessa Crab in chlorophyll so they would pass out, and place the pair in the hospital so they would not say their key address for their Prime Minister nomination. The winners in the end were shock to many as known other than Mr Gardiner as Prime Minister and Julie as Vice Prime Minister won the vote.

Harvey also at this time meets with Holly Alto who comes from a crime family but wanted to hide those connections as she is in fact, a kind, decent, good girl and soon it is rather clear the two begin to date.

Volume 24 Edit

When Harvey's father James is seeming to be dying, unlike others such as Tessa Crab who are running around trying to clutch power and take over being mayor from him and even scheduling his funeral, Harvey is very concerned and does not want to his father who had helped for so long to die. At this point he is now engaged to Holly.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Comics Edit