Throughout the stories he is the seen to be the stability of the town always providing advice in a calm, loving yet decisive manner.

Early LifeEdit

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The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

The Pastor of Grasmere Valley church, Gary moved into Grasmere Valley after the previous pastor died Jeffry King of a heart attack.  He is committed to preaching the Gospel in his church and his first encounter with the town involved such gossip of being a heretic and also adultery despite in reality being gospel centered and having a wife, Meg Robinson, 9 years older than him.

Volume 9 Edit

Volume 21 Edit

Gary is removed as pastor after Raquel Venici exposed his past of abusing his then girlfriend and forcing her to abort their child. This was before he was a christian but regardless he is fired and his replacement is Tim Drixall the disgraced television preacher and Raquel's boyfriend. When Tim is exposed of being a worthless pastor by Adam Robinson, Gary's brother Gary and his wife decide to leave the town as opposed to accept their invitation to come back as he had had enough of the town mistreating him as they had done.

Volume 26 Edit

Volume 27 Edit

The only surviving members of the leading figures in the Fifth Way Cult, he ended up being placed in prison for life as a result of his involvement in the mass suicide.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Comics Edit

The Devon Show Edit