He was a farmer in Grasmere Valley originating in the Gracefield area.

Early LifeEdit

Born into Grasmere Valley the Rogers family a well established farming family had worked the land for centuries. However after his father died of cancer it is only him left of that particular branch of the family. Despite this he remains a faithful citizen of the town for years dealing with all there farming needs.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

Just when Yasmin and Johan are about to get married, Farmer Roger's goats who along with his other animals are at the ceremony steal the wedding rings and go running off. It is up to Farmer Roger in association with Ted Fed and Mrs Parry to go charging around on one of his horses to find the goat and retrieve the rings to give it back to Johann and Yasmin managing to save the day.

Volume 10 Edit

Farmer Roger ends up retiring from farming and decides to move out of Grasmere Valley leaving room for a new farmer whioch won't come into Volume 15 in the guise of Dick Mason.