Being the head detective of the town his stupid and clueless behavior as well as his love for donuts have made him an icon in the town. While having caught the likes of Vera Cullingham and Henirich Boss it is very clear that his calling was not in the police force. Despite this however Del continues to without any intelligence to do his job.

Early LifeEdit

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The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

He is seen chasing after Sheridan, the con man who decided to set up his own indulgences business in order to make money out of people.

Del along with his partner Adam Robinson manage to arrest Vera Cullingham, the black widow whose next victim was about to be Harvey Dontos, the mayor James Dontos son.

Volume 3 Edit

Del ends up being placed on the case with Detective Stall over the missing person of Lee Xing-Jung and Lexia Xing-Jung, the two tourists from South Korea. It soon turns out they were kidnapped by Henirich Boss who wanted to use them for his fake healing ministry. Del ends up managing to get him and his minions arrested.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley at Christmas 2 Edit

Del is on the case with Adam Robinson when Lona Surville's foster children Serena, Robin, Ben, Mark and Reuben are all kidnapped just before Christmas and the kidnapper wants in return for them being let free all the Christmas presents that the town have. The town end up doing so as they place their presents at the town hall, but the police end managing to free the children and manage to find out that the kidnapper is Robert Laundry who is in fact Del's brother! This fact had not been known to the town. The lorry loaded with presents rolls down the hill and crashes into Tagger household. Del manages to get Robert doing community service as he narrowly misses prison for what he did.

Volume 10 Edit

Volume 12 Edit

Charlene Moray, seeing how poorly the police department run by Del was doing decided to come over and whip it up to shape. However with her presence Charlene manages to do an even worse job than Del and after managing to just about rub up everyone in the wrong way with the case of Georgi Sykes's missing black book used for her private detective business she leaves leaving Del back to run the department.

Volume 26 Edit

Del's position of leading the police department dramatically ends after his messing up of the situation with the Fifth Way cult which ended in mass suicide and caused for Charlene from London to fire Del and have in place running the department Jack Jackson who had be key in trying to negotiate with the cult. Del along with his wife only known as Del's Wife are currently butchers however Del's wife feels betrayed by the town and possibly want's revenge.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley Comics Edit

The Devon Show Edit