A friend of Buck Felton, Choco continues to be his crazy self to the extent he has a swimming race with Isaiah the town’s pimp and winning with his unorthodox.


Choco Steve was created on the Sims 2. He is seen as a complete idiot and almost since creation has been detested by Thomas Taylor. Almost immediately he proceeded to be involved in a fiasco about people dancing with the wrong person; although the details are not currently known.

Later, he reappeared in Sims 3. However, this time there was two; Choco Sr and Choco Jr. They were both strange although not much can be found out about this time. Long after they had died, a new Choco (the third) was introduced, who turned his new house into a graveyarrd by taking all the graves from the official graveyard and putting them on his lot. He then adopted four children who he called: Choco IV, Choco V, Choco VI and Choco VII. Choco III had high hopes of turning his children into clowns, and dressed them up as such. Unfortunately, they all later died without making much of a mark. They also appear to have strong links to the Pinkbeard family, another strange lot.

Later, Choco comes back many different forms. They are led by the Chocomaster. One of them married the maid Kate Pistachio.

At least 12 Chocos are known to have existed.

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