The owner of the grocery store.

Early LifeEdit

Buck has spent his entire life in Grasmere Valley and he ended up taking over the Felton grocery store after his father was poorly. A few years later after assuming the role his father and mother both passed away.

Over time Buck has employed many people in the store. His bubbly, friendly manner has always endeared him to the town. It is with his help that he managed to convince Mr Ambrose who was at the time a playboy to leave his debauched lifestyle and become a Christian. Later on Mr Ambrose would marry his cleaner, Mrs Ambrose, become a dentist and an elder at the church.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

He is listed as among the citizens in Grasmere Valley from Volume 1.

He is also seen at the swimming pool during Choco's contest with Isaiah as to who was the fastest swimmer. Much to everyone shock Choco beats the arrogant Isaiah and Buck who sees this is delighted as he is good friends with Choco.

Volume 2 Edit

He establishes a competition to try and drum up trade of his grocery store in the middle of night by offering an IPOD for anyone who does their shopping first after midnight. Mrs Hickey and Pat both arch rivals compete for the prize by doing their shopping and causing havoc however it is Alice who wins by simply buying a chewing gum.

Volume 4 Edit

With the new university being opened up in Grasmere Valley there has been some problems around town with the youth creating havoc in the town. Among those hit is Buck Felton's grocery store. Things in the shop keep going missing so he and his good friend, reporter Frances Greenbells hide one day to see who was responsible. Much to their shock the culprit is Lord Puckering and his family. Buck and Frances end up revealing themselves to him and black mail him to get enough money to spend on repairing all the damage that had been done by Lord Puckering.

Volume 13 Edit

His store appears to be a vital part in the case of Ryan Decony as Ben one of the workers there served Sandra Decony a pregnancy test on the day she died. Ben also revealed that Sandra had purchased few weeks loads of condoms and ended up checking them in the bin. Ryan then came in five minutes later buying the last condom available which turned out to be doctored by Sandra. Ryan comes into the store later on shouting at the condoms being faulty. It is with the testimony of Ben who worked at Buck Felton's store that helped to reveal that Ryan in fact murdered his wife.

Volume 29 Edit

Buck ends up firing Alexander Estrix who after being kicked out of the University due to his Christian beliefs had been working in the store while focusing on his wrestling. When Sharon Penn, Lady Lynette Parsons and Mother of Chaos start chastising Alexander for not being a Christian as he hadn't had a trip to heaven or seen or heard the voice of Jesus, Alexander says an uncalled for comment about Sharon's lifestyle and as a result Buck decides he has to let Alexander go. He is sad and it seems his faith has been rocked so much so it seems he may have abandon the faith altogether.

The Devon Show Edit

Season 1 Edit

Episode 14 Say What you mean to Say Edit

When Ryan Carey and Kate Carey's marriage appears to be falling apart, some of the commotion happens in Buck's grocery store.

Episode 16 Affairs of the heart Edit

Buck reveals to Nanny Prescot while she is shopping at his grocery store that Gladice Gladville's younger husband Eric is having an affair with another woman named Shannon. Nanny Prescot soon invites Buck and Gladice round for a meal to hear what is going on and to help her. However Devon ends up preparing the food which turns out to be chicken nuggets (Eric's favourite meal), which causes her to cry and all the other family members except Nanny Prescot and Buck are inadvertently offensive to Gladice. Gladice reveals all about her husbands infidelity and Nanny Prescot wants the word spread to the hairdresser about Eric's ways.

Soon enough Nanny Prescot, Buck Felton and Devon hide in one bush waiting to spy on the couple while Frugal Mum, Economy Dad, Sheneque and PJ Simmons are in another and they pounce who they think is Eric and Shannon but turns out to be a madly in love couple Jotham and Cariola who are not happy. But when the couple do arrive and reveal their plan of leaving their spouses and getting married and after a smooching session soon figures of the town start popping up revealing Eric’s secrets, his treatment of women, his frequent womanizing and his embarrassments. Nanny then gives Eric a piece of her mind which soon makes him realises how much Gladice loves him. 

Season 2 Edit

Episode 12 The Gambler Edit

At the beginning of this episode Frugal Mum and Nanny Prescot are in Buck's grocery store discussing just how stingy Frugal Mum really is.

Season 3 Edit

Episode 8 Grant Edit

When a contestant, Grant, on a popular quiz catches the amazement of the entire town, when he is eliminated from the show, the town all mourn that they will never see him again. However things change when Billy Santiamo reveals he has a piano lesson with the one and the same Grant. This causes for the gang to be camped inside Buck's grocery store hoping for the chance to meet Grant and Buck unwillingly allowing them to stay their literally camping their until they see him.

Season 4 Edit

A Friend in Need of Aid Edit

Damian Burchens and his wife Ruth Burchens are in the grocery store of Buck Felton when they get the news that Damian's friend and former lover before he became a Christian, Michael Kaffe, was dying of aids.