Husband of Anna Hewitt and father of Joel Hewitt who died of cancer on Boxing day. 

Early LifeEdit

Born in Canada and grew up with his father Jacob Hewitt who was a mercenary who lived a very violent and lonely life. Wanted to escape from his father's lifestyle he ended up marrying his childhood sweet heart Anna Hewitt and they moved to England and lived in Grasmere Valley. They soon had a son Joel Hewitt who many had thought was not there child due to how dark his skin was. However he was indeed there child.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley NovelsEdit

Volume 1 Edit

The Hewitts are among those listed in the first ever Volume as residents of Grasmere Valley.

The Tales of Grasmere Valley at Christmas 1 Edit

Being drafted as Joseph into Ms Izodel's version of the Nativity which involved Britney Spears and Darth Vader. He however has to pull out of the show due to finding out his son Joel has an incurable cancer. Everyone except for Ms Izodel were understanding about the matter. In fact the entire cast ended up going to the hospital to show their support for Brad and Joel as opposed to perform in Ms Izodel Nativity which ended up being a one woman show.

All Joel wants before he passes away is one last Christmas with the entire town coming together to celebrate the birth of Christ. With the help of Lulu Taylor and Mr Gerrow who managed to raise money with a choir, they managed to put the perfect Christmas for Joel on Christmas day in the park in MacArthur. Joel as are his parents are overjoyed and left speechless by this act of kindness.

Sadly Joel the next day after going back to the hospital passed away from the cancer causing for Brad and Anna to be distraught that their only son passed away.

Volume 3 Edit

After the events involving their son both Brad and Anna agree to move to Elysian Fields to start a new life but before they do so they get a surprise of a surprise leaving party organised by Paul Masters, Brad's good friend who worked alongside in the bank with him for years at the town hall. Brad is very delighted by this and is sad to say goodbye but after the party both Brad and Anna leave to go to live in Elysian Fields.